Discover the 6-step system that has parents saying things like...

“My kid went from constant fighting and meltdowns to laughter and enjoyment in under a week!”

Finally! A new way to get your child to listen, keep calm, and do what you say -- without bribes or punishments.


“We went from constant fighting and laughter and enjoyment in under a week!”

Jess Flynn

Calm The Chaos Graduate

My daughter's anxiety is 75% gone, and my relationship with my children is so much deeper”

Amy Shaw

Calm The Chaos Graduate

Life is much calmer and happier…my son has started to self-regulate …”

Shanda Faith

Calm The Chaos Student

“My son’s meltdowns have decreased dramatically

Jennifer Painter

Calm The Chaos Graduate

“My daughter hasn’t had a meltdown all week. She’s less angry and is trying to be gentle.”

Irina Krumova

Calm The Chaos Graduate

“We had the most awesome Saturday… We made popcorn, put on PJ’s, got in bed, and watched Jumanji… I can’t remember the last time my family had such a relaxing afternoon together.

Shelly Whitaker-Walton

Calm The Chaos Student

In a month, you may barely recognize your child...

...because the meltdowns, defiance, aggression, and other problems that may stress you out daily will become rare… and may even disappear.

If they do pop up, you’ll know exactly how to handle them with confidence. And keep them from happening again.

Before I show you how that’s possible, tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’ve read the books, tried all the calm-down tools, used 1-2-3 Magic, maybe even took your child to therapy. But nothing seems to work.

Friends and family tell you to “set firmer limits!” You have, but that hasn’t helped.

You can’t seem to get control of your kid’s behavior.

The defiance, whining, crying, the raging meltdowns… they are taking over your life.

You may feel hopeless. Even blame yourself. And feel it’s all your fault.

Well, it’s not your fault.

The advice you’ve been given was all wrong!

Because it wasn’t tailored to your unique child. More on that in a moment.

For right now, go ahead and...


Forget everything you’ve been told about parenting!

Because there is a new way that makes getting a handle of your child’s behavior much, much easier.

Amy Shaw used it because her daughter had meltdowns every time she left the house. Now, she’s able to leave freely.

Gayle Wood’s 3-year-old who has Autism, ADHD, and anxiety was kicked out of one daycare after another due to his outbursts.

But using the Calm the Chaos framework, her son learned to share what was bothering him. Now when he’s struggling, he doesn’t act out -- he walks up to his mom and asks if they can talk.

“I’m able to have date nights with my husband again. A year ago that would have caused a complete anxiety attack for my daughter.”

Amy Shaw

Calm The Chaos Graduate

We’re able to laugh during tough situations now. Because we know how to get through it faster with less pain.”

Gayle Prentice Wood

Calm The Chaos Student

The only differences between those people, and those who continue to struggle is those women understood a few secrets.


These are the same secrets that took me from having a son who would have 5-10 violent meltdowns a day… to having a son who had zero meltdowns in the past year. I’ll share those secrets with you in a moment.

Hi, I’m Dayna Abraham, founder of the popular parenting blog Lemon Lime Adventures and author of the best selling books The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Everyday and Sensory Processing 101.

I spent 15 years in the classroom as a national board certified teacher where I taught everything from special needs preschool, to gifted kindergarten, to inner city first grade.

I also spent the last 13 years raising 3 of my own superkids.

But I want to let you in on a secret:

For a long time, I thought I was failing as a mom…

Anytime there was trouble in school, my son was involved.

He had violent meltdowns every day. Screaming, hitting, throwing toys against the wall...

These episodes could go on for HOURS. More than once we ended up in the ER, needing six grown men to pull him from the car and tie him to a bed.

The stress nearly ruined my marriage. My husband and I hardly talked. Because we blamed each other.

I cried alone in my bedroom more times than I can count.

I knew this couldn’t continue. So I spent years reading every book and joining every program; I even paid $10,000+ for therapy, school advocates, trainings, and more.

And I discovered 3 secrets that changed everything.

Fast forward to today. Life is totally different.

We're now able to play Monopoly as a family in the living room without anyone barging off because “things aren’t fair.” Or someone getting hit with the gameboard.

My husband and I have date nights every week.

And my son… he's thriving at home and most days at school.

As for the meltdowns … they've decreased to a minimum. And when they do happen… we have a plan, and they pass quickly.


Heck, I’m even able to shower without the fear of something going terribly wrong.

Since then, I’ve shared these secrets with tens of thousands of parents, teachers, and therapists. They’ve used them to get control of their child’s most difficult behaviors.

I’ll share those secrets with you now...

“We don’t need therapy anymore...”

“The therapist said the system worked so well my daughter didn’t need therapy anymore!”

Cassie Osborne

Calm The Chaos Student

“A year ago, when I thought about my child's future, I predicted jail or even suicide. But we’ve come so far.”

Sonja Martin

Calm The Chaos Student

“We made more progress in 12 weeks than if we had spent months in Applied Behavior Analysis therapy.”

Shanda Faith

Calm The Chaos Student

3 Secrets to Get Even The Most Out-of-Control Kid To Finally Listen and Do What You Say


The “Hidden Triggers” Causing Your Child’s Bad Behavior

Most people don’t realize there are 6 triggers that cause your child to act out. Understanding them helps you defuse stressful situations and even stop them from happening.

It’s like that saying: “That’s just the tip of the iceberg…”

The part of the iceberg you see floating above the ocean is only a small piece of the whole thing. There’s much more below the surface.

Your child’s behavior is the same way. The way they act is only a small part of what’s going on.

So you may see a child who:

Cries over the smallest things

Shouts “I hate you!” and “Go Away!”

Jumps on the furniture and plays too rough with others

Or a million other difficult behaviors.

But what’s going on beneath the surface?

What’s triggering that behavior?

Sad Boy

The child crying may not know how to calm himself down. So he’s escalating as a result.

That child shouting “I hate you!” probably doesn’t know how to deal with certain feelings or frustrations.

And that child jumping around might lack the ability to recognize when he is over-excited or nervous.

Always keep in mind that all behavior is communication.

Everything your child does is a clue that points you towards deeper thoughts, feelings, and struggles they’re having.

You simply need a proven way to "decode" those clues. So you can uncover what’s really behind their behavior and quickly guide your child into a calm, relaxed state without flying off the handle yourself.

Like Anna Burrows. She had epic shouting matches with her son every day over socks and shoes.

She tried countless parenting courses but none of them helped.

Then, using Calm the Chaos, she discovered the true cause of her son’s screaming. She learned he simply wanted to be close to her.

Once they discovered this, getting out the door for school wasn’t a struggle.

As she says:

It’s not a battle anymore. I don’t have to fight him because
I understand that his behavior is telling me something.
He’s trying to communicate but he doesn’t know how.
So it’s my job to uncover that.”

Anna Burrows

Calm The Chaos Student

Turn Your Child’s Struggles into Superpowers

Do you know 23 time Gold Medal Swimmer Michael Phelps?

When he was a kid, he wouldn’t stop moving. At first, people saw it as a problem. He couldn’t sit still and focus on math or whatever else the teacher was trying to teach.

But then, someone decided to channel his energy. He began swimming regularly. And they even used his lap times as a way to help him finally learn math!

When I heard this story, I applied the same idea to my son.


Instead of looking at his struggles, I looked for his superpowers. And that’s when everything changed.

For example, after I uncovered a “hidden trigger” causing my son’s meltdowns -- and realized he hated it when plans changed -- I began to see his superpower was PLANNING.

So I started working with him to map out how our days would go. We even made plans for what to do if something fell through.

That alone drastically reduced the meltdowns.

That alone drastically reduced the meltdowns.

I also used this with my daughter. She used to screamed “No!” anytime I asked her to do something.

Then, I saw the superpower underneath: She’s independent.

So I used my daughter’s independence in a positive way. Now, she gets herself dressed, makes her own breakfast, and cleans up on her own.

She just needed to feel in control of herself.


Your child has “superpowers” too.

We all do.

Understanding them lets you channel unwanted behavior in a positive way.


How to use “The Magic Reset Button” to get your child to do what you want

How many times a day does your child hear: “No. Stop. Don’t do that. Why’d you do that?…”?

On the flip side, how many times do they hear positive, encouraging words? How many high fives, smiles, and hugs does your kid get a day?

This, right here, is the piece all the books and experts are missing.

A study with married couples showed people in happy relationships had 5 positive interactions for every 1 negative one.

This works for children, too.


More positive interactions creates an environment where your child feels loved and accepted for who they are.

So they become much more open to do what you ask.

My husband and son used to fight constantly.

So I had them put this idea into practice. To start, I asked them to write down ONE good interaction they had each day.

They were often small things like: “He helped me open the peanut butter jar.” Both of them thought it was silly.

Until one day when I had to step out for a moment. My son became upset about something small and my husband stepped in to help.

Normally, this ends in my son pushing him away and screaming “I HATE YOU.” But this time, he simply accepted help.

Having 5 positive interactions is what I call The Magic Reset Button.

It can instantly transform your relationship from stressful and angry to calm and full of love.

It sets a foundation that makes it easier to get your child to do what you want.

And when you blend this with the first two secrets, that’s when the real magic happens.

Combining all 3 lets you find calm-down tools and daily routines your child actually WANTS to use. Because they’re specific to your child’s unique struggle and personality.

Best of all, you can teach your child to implement all of this themselves! So your child can identify their triggers and know how to stay calm on their own!

“My kids solved the disagreement themselves...”

“My kids were disagreeing over a video game
and I could hear tensions rising. Before I could get over there
they not only solved it, they complimented each other for how they handled the disagreement!”

Jess Flynn

Calm The Chaos Graduate

Those three secrets can totally transform your relationship with your child. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg… (see what I did there? ;))

The full Calm the Chaos framework walks you step-by-step through how to use each of those secrets and much, much more.

It took me 17 years to create it. For the past five years, I have tested it with tens of thousands of parents, teachers and therapists. The results have been astounding.

The program has been proven with kids from 2-18 years-old.

It helps even if you’re dealing with:



Refusal to Use "calm down" tools

Mood disorder

Unable to take "no" for an answer

Raging meltdowns


Unable to transition from one thing to the next

Not putting away electronics




Aggression (hitting, kicking, screaming)

Unable to get ready for school

Sensory Processing Disorder

Not listening


Fighting with siblings

Not doing chores

Not doing homework

Refusing to go to bed

Picky eating

Unable to socialize with other children

Crying every time you leave

And much more...

Just imagine how it will feel when you ask your child to put their toys away and they do it, THE FIRST TIME.


“I told my kids to pick up their toys and set the table
and they said “Okay mom” then did it! It was magical.

Jeanine Lebsack

Calm The Chaos Graduate

Or when you notice that your child is starting to spiral out of control. And you know exactly what caused it...and how to stop it.


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Can you imagine what it would feel like to actually have time to sit in a coffee shop with a friend...

...without having to check your phone every second for a call from school? Because you have the confidence that your child is able to work out their problems on their own…

“My husband and I were able to have a date night for the first time in a long time…”

Penny Schneider Clark

Calm The Chaos Graduate
All that is possible using the Calm the Chaos program.

Let me walk you through it now...

Introducing Calm the Chaos

Calm the Chaos is a step-by-step program that helps you uncover the “hidden triggers” that cause your child’s unwanted behavior. So you can see trouble coming from a mile away.

It shows you how to find coping tools and strategies your child is excited to use.

Finally, your child will be able to identify their triggers, express how they feel, and keep themselves calm all on their own!

With this framework, you can stop unwanted behaviors before they start.

At the very least, it helps you stay calm in stressful situations. And cut the number of fights and meltdowns down from several each day to once a month -- or less.

The framework is loaded with over 8 hours of video training. All broken down into 7 steps.

They are:

Module 01

Your Foundation

This is where you get clear on the life you want to create with your family. And at the same time, you get rid of the fear, stress, and self-doubt that’s been weighing you down.

You'll discover....

The 5 “thought monsters” sucking the joy and confidence right out of you. And how to overcome them so you feel unshakable confidence and deep love for your child.

How to balance the needs of your superkid with other children and yourself. So you can have time to recharge, reconnect with things and people you love, and even have date nights again

How to stay calm and in control when your child acts out. So you can defuse the situation more easily. And avoid embarrassing fights in public

A simple system to get unstuck and out of the feeling of paralysis that comes with dealing with challenging behaviors. So instead of feeling overwhelmed, you’ll have clarity, confidence, and know what to do

The three types of parent/child relationships and how to pick the one that's right for you. Not every family dynamic is the same. That's why I'll walk you through selecting the one that will be best fit your situation

How to find time for yourself and recharge your power. These tips work wonders and helped me raise three children while building a business

Untitled design (2)

This step is crucial. It will give you the clarity and confidence to move forward and make real change.

“I’m able to work through meltdowns without losing it…”


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Module 02

Your Connection Plan

This is your safety net. It’s what you can fall back on anytime things get tough. So you and your children can tap into the love you have for each other. And you can handle difficult situations without stress, fear, or overwhelm.

You'll discover....

How to create an “anchor moment,” so you feel intense love for you child even when they act out

The secret to getting your child to WANT to change their behavior. So they not only do what you want -- they think it’s their idea!

The Magic Reset Button to bring 5 times more love and joy into all your relationships

A step-by-step process to turn your child’s biggest struggles into their superpower. So the very thing causing bad behavior can be redirected, so they stay calm and follow directions

How to create Your Family Success Plan. This is where you get your entire family working together to solve your child’s biggest problems. You won’t have to lay down laws like a tyrant. You’ll uncover solutions both you and your child are excited to use

A step-by-step process to get your entire family to feel like they are working together on a team

How to create a “backup plan” to handle the bad days so that you and your kid feel closer than ever, even when the day has gone off track


“No arguments and the meltdowns have reduced...”


Post from a Calm the Chaos Workshop Student

Module 03


This is where you uncover the hidden cause of your child’s behavior. No more feeling baffled by their actions. No more guessing what they want. You’ll know exactly what’s going on when your child acts out.

You'll discover....

My “Sherlock Holmes” method to find the true cause of your child’s behavior (even trained therapists don’t know this)

The DQA Method to know which difficult behavior to tackle first -- so you can cut down the stress, overwhelm, and bad behavior as fast as possible.

The two triggers behind every meltdown. So you can see them coming a mile away and even stop them before they begin.

Exactly what to pay attention to, besides the behavior itself, so you know exactly what feeds the behavior. So you won’t waste valuable time and energy searching for answers online or in therapy.

How to use the Behavior Funnel to uncover exactly what’s going on under the surface. even if your child has multiple diagnoses, this lets you find the single cause of a specific behavior)

The 6 causes behind ALL unwanted behavior. That’s right, your child’s baffling, persistent problems are caused by one of six things. This will give you enormous clarity and make solving those issues so simple. After this, you’ll wonder how you ever struggled for so long.


Don’t be surprised if, after this module, other parents start asking you for advice. Because you’ll be a master at “de-coding” behavior that baffles everyone else.

“I used to think it went from zero to meltdown…”

“I used to think it went from zero to meltdown. Then I started understanding my daughter is anxious and in “fight or flight” mode a lot of the time...Now I’m reacting better...”

Carrie Pearson

Calm The Chaos Student
Module 04

Your Toolbox For Success

This is everything you do, say, and give to your child to help them handle stressful situations, frustrations, and all of the confusing emotions that run through their little bodies. So you can help them return to a state where their breathing isn’t going a mile a minute.

You'll discover....

How to create a toolbox filled with calm down tools specific to your child’s needs and problems (they’ll be specific to your they’ll actually work!)

A simple way to find the best 3-4 calm down tools for your unique child (plus, a list of all the tools you’ll ever need…)

Why saying ‘calm down’ will backfire -- and three proven strategies to help your kids (and yourself) stay cool in the moment

The real reason all of the tools you’ve picked up in blog posts and books aren’t working… and how you can create a plan to test new tools. So you always know you have something that works in your toolbox

A 4-step system to get your child to use the tools and strategies you give them. So next time they’re about to erupt, they know to put on their headphones, ask for a snack, or whatever your plan for staying calm may be.

The “3B Calm Down System” to get your child to calm down in the moment.

The “3I Strategy” to handle any behavior without losing your cool.


With this, you can cut through the noise. Instead of scouring the internet for the next tool or tactic, you’ll know the few that work. Best of all, you and you child will both know how to use them to stop bad behavior before it starts.

These changes can stick for years to come. Your child will know how to stay calm without your prompting or hovering over them.

“First calm down tool was a hit...”


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Module 05

Your Plan

This is everything you do to keep your family running smoothly. Day after day.

You'll discover....

My 3-step process to create routines that the entire family can follow, even if you hate schedules and you have no idea where to start

The Miracle Morning Routine to get your child dressed and ready even if you’re in a hurry (they’ll be at the door ready to go with less help from you)

How to avoid “transition meltdown” and get your child to go from one activity to the next smoothly -- even if nothing else you’ve tried has worked

How to set up systems that make your home run smoothly… from getting out the door in the mornings, to turning off electronics, to going to bed on time

A step-by-step framework to connect with your kids that will leave you both feeling respected and heard, even if you lost your temper earlier in the day

How to plant “action clues” in your child’s mind…. so they know exactly what to do each morning, afternoon, and night without you repeating directions like a broken record

Sales page images
Sales page images (2)

“Smooth and successful morning routine…”


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Module 06


This is where you will empower your Superkid to be successful and independent.

You'll discover....

How to create a positive, comfortable environment where you and your child listen and share with one another

The secret to Instant Cooperation. No more negotiating when it’s time to do something different, like get out of the tub. Discover the key to giving clear directions that are followed the first time -- without constant back and forth

Simple exercises you can teach your child at home so she stays calm at school (no more calls from the principal about yet-another aggressive episode)

The exact formula for a family pow-wow that your entire family will actually enjoy, even if you currently can’t get through a single meal without an argument

The 4-Step Process for introducing new systems, tools, and strategies to your kids so that you can help your child get comfortable and eventually use these tools on their own

How to create lasting change in your child's behaviors so that you can feel confident about their future. (Here's a secret: you can do this without using punishments, bribery, rewards, timeouts -- all the things you've tried in the past that just haven't worked)

The best ways to make your child feel unconditionally loved and safe -- even when you have to discipline her

How to use the RC Protocol to introduce new routines, tools, and strategies to your kids. So once they get upset they know exactly what to do to keep calm

The 1:1:1 technique to solve any unwanted behavior with one phrase, one action, and one tool

Sales page images (3)
Sales page images (4)

“First perfect day at school all year...”


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Module 07


This is where you learn how to handle new troubling or baffling behaviors that pop up. So each day with your family can be better than the last.

You'll discover....

What to do once your tools and strategies are working for the specific behavior you started with, so that you can continue to make progress with your family

How to use Your Family Success Plan so your entire family can fall back on it and refer to it when life gets tough… or if outbursts, tantrums or meltdowns start to creep back in.

A secret tool to address any struggles within a family so you can grow and thrive together.

The key to managing meltdowns from multiple kids simultaneously (even if neither kid has self-regulation or independent play skills.)

Marriage-saving strategies to keep the stress and overwhelm from disintegrating your relationship. (Your child’s outbursts can bring you closer together if you follow these steps.)

How to get parents, teachers, and other important adults to work as a team and help your child (even if some of those people are working against your child’s needs at the moment.)


“My kids are getting along so well!


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Get 12 Free Coaching Calls with me!

As you go through the program, you may have questions or get stuck.

That’s why I hold weekly live coaching calls for all Calm the Chaos members.

You get twelve of these in total. On them, you can ask me anything you want about the framework, your child’s behaviors or whatever else. And I’ll help you work through whatever challenge you have.

I'm going to be with you every single step of the way. In fact, our members will tell you I'm a little bit obsessive when it comes to helping our members get results.


Watch the shocking transformation for yourself...

Below are stories from three Calm the Chaos graduates. These heartwarming stories show you the transformation you can have with this program.

WARNING: These videos may make your cry...


Meet Sonja, a therapist, who despite knowing all the research still felt she couldn’t help her own son. She was fearful her son’s future included jail time, addiction or even suicide.

She decided to go all in and use this framework to connect with her son.

Now, for the first time ever, she isn’t fearful of what the future looks like. With the cohesive framework I’m about to share with you, she knows EXACTLY what to do one step at a time...


Meet Anna, who spent so much time and money trying to find the perfect tools for her toolbox only to have her son get even angrier when she tried to use them.

She discovered that the tool her son wanted most was her close by with no words at all. He just wanted to be heard. Once she discovered this, getting out the door for school wasn’t an epic battle anymore. They had their unique toolbox that worked for them.


Meet Kaylene, who was told by doctors her son would never learn to communicate, manage his emotions, or live on his own. Every day she was “walking on eggshells” in fear he would hurt a sibling.

With 5 kids in the home, Kaylene blamed herself and tried “all the things” on Pinterest and blog posts only to have them fail miserably.

It wasn’t until she started to focus on connection by getting down on her son’s level and accepting him for who he was. She realized neither her son nor her parenting was the problem.

Once they started connecting… his communication blossomed into something far beyond just words…

Who is the Calm the Chaos Program for?

We have parents, teachers, and therapists dealing with children of all ages. And various behaviors such as backtalk, sibling rivalry, lying and crying. As well as more dangerous and worrisome behaviors like physical aggression and outright defiance.

We’ve seen members from all over the world use the framework with neurotypical and neurodiverse children.

Because remember… Calm the Chaos is designed to work WITH your unique family design and needs in mind.

So if you are a stay-at-home mom, a dad, a single parent, a working mom, a teacher, or a professional or anyone who wants to create a more empowered relationship with the child or children they love. Then Calm the Chaos is for you.

“Went to the children’s museum… no meltdowns like in the past”


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Who is the Calm the Chaos Program not for?

This program isn’t for someone who is looking for an instant fix.

You can’t magically create a thriving relationship with your child in thirty seconds.

Sure, some kids are easier than others to parent. But the truth is, creating a relationship based on love, empathy, and empowerment is going to take commitment.

You have to be intentional about it. And continue to foster your relationship to make it last for years to come.

Calm the Chaos is for people committed to making changes. They realize that it’s not about magically transforming overnight.

It’s about progress, not perfection. About making each day better than the one before.

Also, if you are the type of parent who wants to rule with an iron fist, this is not for you.

Calm the Chaos is about involving your kids and empowering them to be the superkids they already are.

How the program works:

All the course materials are provided in a members-only online dashboard. There, you'll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Each module is released weekly. They are broken down into several 5-10 minute video lessons. So you can quickly get what you need.

There's also downloadable audio versions, transcripts, and lesson summaries. So no matter how you like to learn, we've got you covered.

And you can access the full program on your phone. So if you want to progress through the course while waiting in line for coffee, you can.

You also get access to the program for life. So if life gets in the way and you miss a few days or weeks, you can pick up where you left off.

Sales page images (5)

Now, I want to make sure you don’t have to spend another second searching for help online. Or end up spending thousands of dollars over the years on books and programs.

So I’ve included seven bonuses you can have free. This way, you can have everything you need for the next 5, 10, even 20 years.

Several of these are complete courses in themselves. They can help you see dramatic results within just a few days.

Let’s go over them now.

Join today and get $6,988 in bonuses, free!

Bonus #1: No Time… No Problem ($497 value)


I used to spend all my time homeschooling and raising my three superkids. I’d run between therapy appointments and ballet and a million other things.

I spent years trying to free up my time. Then I uncovered this 7-step formula that helped me get more done in 25 minutes than I used to get done in 3 hours!

In this training, I show you the exact system that took me from being busy non-stop to having the time to build a successful business from home.

Imagine what you could do with that kind of time.

You could use ten minutes to learn and implement the Calm the Chaos framework. Then spend the remainder of your time taking a long a bath, binging on Netflix, setting up coffee dates; it’s up to you.

This formula can help you win back an hour a day easily. It’s the reason I was able to go from being a full-time mom to building a successful business from home.

Bonus #2: The Emergency Response Survival Pack ($499 value)

This survival pack shows you exactly what to do and say the moment a difficult behavior occurs.

You’ll get exact phrases and actions that address over 100+ challenging behaviors. For example, what to do if your child is yelling, hitting, won’t sit still, and more.

This will give you immediate wins BEFORE you even use the Calm the Chaos framework. You’ll be able to handle tough behavior without flying off the handle.


Bonus #3: The Instant Support System + Calm the Chaos Insider Training ($997 value)

When you join the Calm the Chaos program, you automatically get a full year of exclusive access to the thriving Calm The Chaos community.

You’ll be able to ask our coaches, other community members, and even me questions any time of day. We’ll help you get unstuck and keep you accountable so you get real results.

We also create several new trainings just for community members every month. You can’t access these anywhere else. But they’re free for Calm the Chaos members.

They cover topics like ‘what to do when your child is bored easily’, ‘self-care’, ‘what to do if you fall behind on the framework’, and many, many more.

We already have over six hours of bonus trainings in this community. It’s basically another course that helps you go even deeper with the framework.


One of the many bonus training videos

Bonus #4: Get Your Spouse On Board ($999 value)


You’ll discover the proven techniques Calm the Chaos members used to get their husbands, grandmothers, teachers and more to buy into this framework. You’ll even find out how to get those people to use it themselves!

This isn’t theory. You’ll hear real stories of exactly what people said and did to get others on their side.

For example, you’ll learn how one mom used this same strategy to get her son’s caregiver on board. So she could finally leave the house without fear of the aggressive outbursts that would happen when she left.

This bonus training includes a playbook on how to tame tantrums and meltdowns like a pro. You can hand it to the other adults in your life, and they’ll know the exact phrases to use to help calm your unique child.

“Went to the children’s museum… no meltdowns like in the past”


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Bonus #5: Operation Superkid ($999 value)

If you have ever battled with mornings and getting out the door, fought over electronics, battled over homework, couldn’t get your picky eater to eat, or couldn’t get your child to use the calm down tools you give them, you’ll love this.

It’s the exact solutions I’ve created with my superkid to end all those battles and more.

It tells you exactly what to say and do in each of those situations.

This hour-long training comes complete with done-for-you templates you can follow step-by-step to create routines for your kid. It can end the battles and constant ‘NO!’ once and for all.


Bonus #6: The “Finish Strong Action Plan ($999 value)

If you’re worried this will be yet another program you join but don’t use, don’t be.

This bonus training is designed to keep you moving forward no matter what.

It’s filled with videos designed to help you get unstuck and make steady progress.

You will learn how to implement the framework in just one evening!

You’ll also get our “Find your Mojo in 3 days” training. As well as our “Find your focus in 3 days” training. These will help you get the confidence and focus to stick with the program, follow through, and get results.

You’ll also get weekly accountability emails. Along with checklists that keep things simple and make it easy to move forward. So you never get stuck, and you always know what to do next.


Bonus #7: The Coaching Vault ($1,999 value)

You can eavesdrop on past coaching calls and hear the exact advice I gave. No doubt you’ll find dozens of situations similar to yours in there. And you can find out how people with problems like yours used the framework to get results.

There’s over six hours of in-depth, detailed training.


Bonus #8: The Family Huddle In Action ($299 value)

In this one hour video, you’ll discover step-by-step how to get your family to work together to solve your kids’ biggest behavior issues.

Imagine your child getting upset and instead of throwing a fit, they calmly say “can we have a huddle?”

Then, within a few minutes, the two of you have targeted the exact cause of their upset and have a plan to not only deal with it in the moment, but keep it from popping up again.

Watch this training, and you’ll know step-by-step how to make that a reality.

Now, you might be wondering..


How much time will it take?

Well first off, you’re actually saving a ton of time. Because now you don’t need to be up all hours of the night scouring the internet for help for the next few months, year, or even ten years.

As far as going through the program, that varies for everyone.

In general, our members spend 10-20 minutes a day on this. Or 1 to 2 hours a week.

The program is available 24/7. So you can go through it at your own pace.

If something comes up or you miss a few days or even a couple of weeks, no problem. You can pick up where you left off.

You can also listen to the audio while driving or read them while in line for coffee. So you can go through the program without it taking up any additional time.

As far as implementation, all it takes is five minutes here and there. Every parent wants a few minutes a week to connect with and empower their child anyway. And that’s all it takes to implement the program and get amazing results.

“I can’t remember the last time my family had such a relaxing afternoon…”


“I now have a framework that works!”


“Normally there would be epic battles… but things were calm and in-control”


Join Calm the Chaos for 50% Less Than What Others Paid...

Now you may be wondering what the course will cost.

And I’ve got great news.

You don’t have to do what I did. Which was go to expensive therapists and doctors. Which ended up costing $12,000 in one year. And my son’s day-to-day behavior pretty much stayed the same.

And you won’t have to waste time and money figuring it out by yourself.

Spending $20, here, $10 there. Not to mention the hours you spend looking up new tools instead of enjoying game night with your kids.

Only to find tools that don’t work. Because you’re only getting a piece of the puzzle, not solving the whole thing.

That being said, Calm the Chaos isn’t cheap.

But you and your child don’t deserve a cheap program.
You deserve the best.

And that’s what this is. It’s a world-class, step-by-step design complete with coaching and fresh new trainings every month.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to charge $2,000 like I’ve seen elsewhere.

You won’t even have to pay $1,000. Which is what we charged when we taught a few pieces of the system over a live, 3-day workshop.

Or $700.

If you join Calm the Chaos today, you can get the entire program and $6,988 in bonuses for only $499.

And if money is tight, we offer a 3-month payment plan.

So you can join today for only $197.

That breaks down to only $6.56 a day. That’s even less than a fast food meal.

$6.56 a day for three months to win back your time, confidence, get control of your child’s bad behavior, and finally have the family life you’ve always dreamed of.

You Are Just Moments Away From Gaining Access to EVERYTHING You Need When You Join The CALM THE CHAOS Program


7-Step Calm the Chaos Framework Trainings ($1999 Value)

  • 7  Core Modules: delivered weekly to reduce overwhelm. Each module will contain bite-sized video lessons that will make it easy to break down the entire framework step-by-step.
  • Transcripts, Audio, and Lesson Summaries: So that you can learn on the go, it will be easy to digest the information, and you can learn in whatever style works for you.
  • Workbooks with action steps: Each lesson comes with a printable action guide so you always know what step is next.

12 LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Dayna ($1999 Value)

  • Weekly Coaching Q&A Calls: Each Thursday at Noon Central Time, we will get together on a LIVE 30 minute call and go over any question that is keeping you stuck

Bonus #1: No Time.. No Problem Bonus ($497 Value)

  • Our patented Time Hacker Formula Training and PDF Action guide designed to help you maximize your time.
  • It can help you accomplish more in 25 minutes then you used to accomplish in 3 hours.

Bonus #2: The Emergency Response Kit ($499 value)

  • Exactly what to say and do in the heat of the moment for over 100 difficult behaviors.
  • Covers anything from backtalk to not listening to fighting with their brother or sister.
  • The perfect way to get “quick wins” as you use the framework.

Bonus #3: The Instant Support System + Calm the Chaos Insider Training ($997 value)

  • Get access to 3 months of intensive support from me, the coaches, and Calm the Chaos ambassadors. We’ll answer any questions and help you make progress day after day.
  • Join hundreds of other parents, teachers, and therapists from all over the world for 12 months. So that you have a support system as you implement the new strategies you are learning.
  • Access exclusive new trainings every month. Plus over six hours of bonus training only available for Calm the Chaos members.

Bonus #4: Operation Superkid Training ($999 value)

  • The exact solutions I’ve created WITH my Superkid to end battles over the most touchy subjects. Everything from getting out the door in the morning and fights over electronics to getting my picky eater to eat and getting my kid to actually use the tools I teach him.
  • 6 Bonus trainings complete with templates you can follow step by step, to end the battles and constant arguing NO once and for all.

Bonus #5: Finish Strong Action Plan ($999 value)

  • Crush overwhelm, self-doubt, and guilt with a proven system that will get you unstuck. So you absorb the material and move forward by leaps and bounds no matter what.

Bonus #6: Get Your Spouse Onboard ($999 value)

  • Get your spouse, teachers and babysitters and even your mother-in-law on board with easy to follow step-by-step guides and trainings on how to handle tantrums and meltdowns like a pro and go-to resources that will make explaining your Superkid simple and effortless.
  • This bonus comes with 4 advanced trainings and companion action guides

Bonus #7: The Coaching Vault ($1,999 value)

  • Get access to over 12 hours of coaching calls I had with Calm the Chaos members. This is a perfect way to find bonus ninja tricks that can help your specific situation.

Bonus #8: The Family Huddle in Action ($299 value)

  • My step-by-step system for getting your child in the habit of coming to you and voicing their challenges instead of flying off the handle when they get upset.
TOTAL VALUE: $11,288

Regular Price: $1,999

Your Price:

Just $499

You save: $1500 (75% Savings)

Choose Your Enrollment Option
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“No major meltdowns!...”


Post from a Calm the Chaos graduate

Have Your First Awesome Day
Before You Finish the Program
Or Your Money-Back!

Calm the Chaos comes with our “Have your first awesome day within 3 months guarantee”.

When you join Calm the Chaos, you get a full 90 days to try it out.

Watch the videos, use the guides, follow the steps...

You’ll likely see results within that first week. Less meltdowns, backtalk, defiance, aggression…

And within 90 days, you’ll have your first great day. I mean a “Holy cow we had virtually no issues and everyone got along!” day.

If that doesn’t happen within 90 days, I insist you ask for a refund.

I do this because I’ve seen it work for so many people that I know it can work for you.

You have nothing to lose.

The bottom line is that I want to see you successful. And I want to see you have the success that we've had in our family.

Enrollment is closing soon...

Okay if you’re ready to join, I recommend you don’t hesitate and do so now.

Our enrollment window is only open for a few days. Once it’s over, the doors will close and you won’t be able to join for several months.

I do this because the group coaching calls will kickoff soon. And we want everyone who joins to go through the steps together. That way everyone gets as much support and help as possible.

My coaches and I will be all-hands-on-deck for the next few months helping everyone who joins have success.

So the deadline to register is March 22 at 11:59 pacific standard time.

Go from Surviving to Thriving Starting Today!

You can continue with the way things are.

Enduring the daily battles.

Doing your best only to be met with whining, defiance, and uncontrollable meltdowns.

As your energy, health, confidence, even relationships deteriorate from the stress.

Or, you can choose a new path.

You can take control and finally create the family life you used to dream about.

Mornings filled with laughter and hugs, days where your children help with chores and play happily with each other, and time to enjoy coffee dates with friends.

If that’s what you want, join me in the Calm the Chaos Program today.

Click the button you see on this page to get started. I can’t wait to help you enjoy parenting again!

7 Core Calm the Chaos Modules $1,999

Weekly Group Coaching Calls $1,999

Bonus #1 No Time...No Problem $497

Bonus #2: Emergency Response Survival Pack $499

Bonus #3 Instant Support System $999

Bonus #4 Finish Strong Coaching $999

Bonus #5 Operation Superkid $999

Bonus #6 Get Your Spouse One Board $999

Bonus #7 Family Huddle In Action $299

Bonus #8 Coaching Vault $1,999

TOTAL VALUE: $11,288

3 Monthly Payments of


For the Calm The Chaos Program

Save $92 USD - Pay in Full 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us. We're happy to help!